Making the most of data from the agricultural sector: yes, but for what purpose? The example of the dairy industry

Jun 13, 2023 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Information on the quality of agricultural products, on breeding practices, on what animals eat or on manufacturing processes... today, with the rise of digital tools, databases have multiplied. These databases are managed on an individual operator scale (farms, companies, distribution, etc.), on an agricultural sector scale, and even on a national scale. While data represents a key asset in the value creation mechanism, the value of the data itself depends on its quality, its level of aggregation, its connection with other data, its sharing and its exploitation. But how can we add value to this data, and how can we use it? This is the question that Cniel, the French dairy interprofessional organization, is working to answer alongside dairy farmers, companies, cooperatives and distributors. Yes, the fair distribution of this value throughout the chain represents a common challenge for all players in the dairy industry, and requires a legal framework for data, the construction of a technological infrastructure capable of hosting and circulating data, the presence of data scientists capable of formalizing and processing data, and the establishment of a data-driven culture within all players.

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