SYNOVIVO recruits experts and managers for your strategic positions in the field of life sciences : agriculture, agribusiness, agricultural distribution and biotechnology. In France and abroad. SYNOVIVO has been in alliance with MANAGERIA, a recruitment agency in the food industry, since 2021. This allows us to recruit from upstream to downstream of the sector.

Our Sessions

Jun 13, 2023
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Salle : Pas Perdus

"Let's talk about employment : Recruitments & Human Resources in the Agribusiness and the Agri-food sector in 2023”.

Guälord GUILBERT (MANAGERIA, Consultant)Stéphane Hervé (SYNOVIVO & MANAGERIA, Consultant Senior)
SYNOVIVO offers you, through its experts and senior consultants, an overview of the HR aspects of the Agri and the Agri-food sector with a focus on the specificities and needs of start-ups. Sub-themes : - 2023 recruitment barometer in both Agri sectors - Expectations and priorities of companies/recruiters - Focus on the AGTECH ecosystem - Expectations and profiles of candidates - What are your future employees’ expectations ? - The place of HR and the panorama of organisations in start-ups in the Agribusiness and the Agri-food sector