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With the support of a mobile application, agro-weather sensors and spatialized weather data, Weenat provides farmers with mobile, easy-to-use solutions to supervise the meteorological and agronomic conditions of their plots in real time.

Our Sessions

Jun 13, 2023
3:40 PM - 4:10 PM
Espace de conférence

Emergence of a new generation of farmers... What do they dream of?

Baptiste Buatier (Polyculteur éleveur dans l'Ain)Tudor Roderick (Agriculteur, Beef and Sheep farmer - South Wales)Carlos Urzaiz (Agroebro, Ingénieur Agricole)Erika Wagner (Maraîchère et Arboricultrice)
Round-table animated by Jérôme LE ROY, Founder of Weenat & President of La Ferme Digitale.