Stand: F03


Seabex is a groundbreaking startup in the Agtech industry, specializing in the development of sensorless smart irrigation solutions. Our goal is to optimize water usage in agriculture by combining cutting-edge technologies with a sustainable approach. Our irrigation decision support platform is truly unique, as it utilizes advanced algorithms and predictive models to assess crop water requirements. By collecting and analyzing a variety of data, such as weather conditions, soil characteristics, and agronomic practices, our system provides accurate, real-time irrigation recommendations. The benefits of our solution are numerous. With Seabex, farmers can achieve significant water savings, increase yields, reduce irrigation costs, and contribute to environmental sustainability. Additionally, our user-friendly and intuitive platform streamlines irrigation management, offering farmers a practical and efficient solution. But our impact extends beyond farmers. We also have the capability to assist industrial and large-scale buyers in stabilizing their supply chains by empowering their partner farmers. Through the massive aggregation of data collected by our platform, we provide precise visibility into on-field activities. This enables industrial and large-scale buyers to make informed decisions and optimize their supply chains by fostering effective collaboration with partner farmers. Visit our booth to learn more about our irrigation decision support platform and discover how Seabex can transform your farming operation and strengthen your supply chain.