Elicit Plant . Elicit Plant is an agri-biotech company whose ambition is to become the champion of the ecological transition for agriculture and meet the global challenges of the impact of climate change on field crops: 20% reduction in water consumption by plants. EliTerra®, Elicit Plant's proprietary technology, is based on the exogenous addition of phytosterols, a set of plant-derived molecules that increase plants' resistance to stress by boosting their natural defenses. Large-scale field trials - over 500 on 3 continents - have demonstrated that biosolutions from the Eliterra® Platform are the only ones offering farmers a regular and sufficient return on investment for use on field crops, with an average yield gain of 12%. In 2022, Elicit Plant began marketing its BEST-a product range in France, particularly for corn crops, and has obtained marketing authorizations for Ukraine, Brazil and Europe.

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