Elysia Bioscience

Stand: F04

Stand F04


Elysia Bioscience is an R&D laboratory that reveals, at the cellular level, the effects and modes of action of biosolutions on health and the environment. We explain the effects of a product on the entire set of proteins in a plant through proteomic analysis. We map the impacted proteins to functional pathways, providing you with a 360-degree view of the product's effect on the entire plant. In a single experiment, you gain insights into applications (e.g., biostimulant or plant protection), modes of action (how the product works), efficacy (persistence, optimal dosage, etc.), and toxicity. Furthermore, we place great emphasis on explaining scientific results in a simple yet marketing-oriented manner. We simply highlight these results to enable a rapid and efficient product launch. The information obtained can be transformed into marketing (or regulatory) arguments for products under development or already on the market. Thanks to our expertise, we save you time in R&D protocol development, result analysis, understanding, and ultimately accelerating the product's time to market.