The agricultural world is facing sustainability issues at the heart of the challenges of the 21st century... ICOSYSTEME provides agronomic and technical answers to farmers and technicians who wish to train, improve and succeed in their agro-ecological transition, and to students and teachers who want to acquire field knowledge on the new practices of regenerative agriculture. ICOSYSTEME offers a range of training courses (soil fertility and biodiversity, plant cover, direct seeding, etc.) in the field and in e-learning, via a dedicated platform, bringing together resources (more than 300 videos, applications, quizzes, etc.) directly linked to the latest advances in innovative farmers' networks and scientific research. ICOSYSTEME is the strength of a network of experts recognised for their field experience and the development of regenerative agriculture and agroecology in France and internationally for over 20 years. ICOSYSTEME provides a high level of knowledge and technical information, enabling everyone to progress efficiently and safely in their own system.