Senseen provides scanners, real laboratories in the pocket, and other tools to help in the agro-ecological transition. The planet is suffering, soils are degrading, biodiversity is in danger. While agriculture is also impacted, it represents a tremendous hope to help the planet. To do this, one solution that has proven its effectiveness is to get living organisms back on track through agro-ecological approaches. However, it’s still necessary to understand and measure the practices, for example, of living soil. Today, we know little about the state of things, about what we eat, because the recourse to taking samples and sending them to laboratories limits the numerous observations necessary to drive change. Senseen, with its innovative, low-cost scanners dedicated to the measurement of living things or nutritional quality, makes it possible to obtain routine observations and to make the right decisions to put crops back into sustainable logics, without impacting the environment and resilience to climate change.

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