Founded in 2013 by women entrepreneurs, makesense supports and invests in pioneering impactful entrepreneurs and companies, that are building collectively a sustainable inclusive society. Through our funds, Seed I and Racine² in partneship with Serena, we invest financial resources (from €100K to €4M) and intangible resources (mentors, networks, expertise, etc.) in visionary teams that develop innovative companies with high development and impact potential. In our current portfolio, we workwith innovative impactful companies such as Consigne GreenGo, Telaqua, Frello, DriveToutNu, BioDemain, Ideel Garden, Toopi, Helios, May, among others. Get to know more about makesense, makesense_invest and our portfolio: https://fund.makesense.org/en/.

Our Sessions

Jun 13, 2023
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
Espace de conférence

Emergence of new balances: mobilizing and better managing land, energy and water for a sustainable future

Christophe Latchman (Agriculteur et éleveur Guadeloupéen)Yann-Gaël Rio (Blunomy, Partner)Marion Schuppe (makesense, Directrice d'investissement)Nahuel Tournebize (Agricultrice)
Juggling our available resources is not the only solution to current and future global challenges. We are witnessing the emergence of new balances in the mobilization and management of water, soil and energy. This round table opens up perspectives from citizen, industrial, agricultural and financial points of view. By combining these perspectives, we can create the right conditions to work towards environmental sustainability and thus ensure a viable future. Round table animated by Justine LIPUMA, Co-founder & CEO of Mycophyto