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Dilepix, an Agtech startup from Rennes, France, expert in artificial intelligence and computer vision, develops custom software for major manufacturers of agricultural machinery and robotics. This vision-based software allows, via the perception of the environment by the machines, to automate the collection of data or the automation of tasks through robotic control. Dilepix relies on images and video streams from on-board cameras on agricultural machinery to detect, locate and interpret situations of interest that require special monitoring or specific action. Dilepix is also known for its solutions in animal production (measurement of bovine and porcine activity, ovulation detection, detection of aggressive behaviour, automatic insect counting...) and crop production (disease detection, yield forecast...). Dilepix's know-how combines expertise in artificial intelligence (neural networks developed internally by its engineers) with advanced skills in image analysis. The combination of these two technological building blocks enables ultra-precise detection and localisation of agronomic threats and opportunities. Developed in the laboratory and tested by major industrialists, the technology used by Dilepix is patented. The solutions developed by Dilepix are aimed at veterinary groups, pharmaceutical companies, startups, and manufacturers of agricultural machinery and robots seeking to integrate more innovation into their product and service offerings. Founded by Aurélien Yol, a former research engineer at Inria and Alban Pobla, a serial entrepreneur, Dilepix was born in 2018. Hosted and supported by Inria's Startup Studio, then by Le Village by CA Ille-et-Vilaine until 2020, the young company is now flying under its own steam and has 12 employees. Dilepix was a winner of the prestigious iLab competition [1] in 2019 and took part in the CES in Las Vegas two years in a row (2018 and 2019). Dilepix is also the 2021 winner of the innovation competition organised by the AGCO group and CETIM.

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