BAOBA is an application for management, regulatory monitoring and complete traceability of animal production (cattle, sheep, goats, poultry), crops and grasslands for farmers on the one hand, but also an application for technical support of production organizations connected to the farms that use it. Thanks to BAOBA, farmers can manage in a single tool all animal and plant productions including grasslands. At the animal level, the farmer can manage his entries and exits, the reproduction, the management of his batches, the treatments, the movements and the regulations. Thus 100% of the production traceability is digitalized, no more paper and re-entry. The breeder saves an average of 45 hours/month of work and reduces by 50% the tediousness of administrative tasks, his mental load and certain physical tasks such as weighing. BAOBA works in connected/disconnected mode and can be accessed anywhere. Its intuitive interface allows users to quickly get to grips with the application.