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Kermap is a supplier of strategic geospatial information in all fields relative to land transformations through innovative, time-effective AI techniques. Its core value: facilitating access to satellite data by bridging the gap between academic research and operationalization for end-users. The company's offering includes on-demand geointelligence and decision support services for government, local authorities, businesses or NGOs, as well as user-friendly thematic land monitoring products. These are made available through Nimbo, Kermap’s unique solution designed to produce and deliver user-ready information from satellite data, making the full value of Earth observation available, worldwide, non-stop, for anyone. Nimbo provides the farming industry with innovative crop monitoring analytics from the single field up to the continental scale. relying on massive, continuous satellite imagery analysis through deep-learning models developed by Kermap. Nimbo provides turnkey analytics on land use, with a focus on near-real time field and crop monitoring up to the continental scale : crop identification, crop rotation, cover crops, impact of climate hazards…. Such data helps the farming industry address supply chain optimization issues, quantify transitions to sustainable agriculture practices and implement measures towards climate resilience.

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