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FoodPilot is the first systemic digital solution for monitoring the environmental impact of food products in France, which enables the agriculture and food industry actors to benefit from major innovations. Reducing the Environmental Footprint of the Food Industry The FoodPilot platform has been launched at a crucial time to meet the decarbonisation challenges and the drastic and essential decrease of the environmental footprint of the agri-food sector. With FoodPilot, the environmental impact of food products in France is now measurable, controllable, action-oriented and verifiable by consumers. The FoodPilot solution enables agricultural and food companies to work on 4 scopes: o Manage the environmental footprint of their entire supply chain, from the land to the consumer, thanks to an impact diagnosis visible explained by dashboards; o Simplify the gathering of comprehensive and real data using automatic downloads and the innovative technology of “semi-specific” data; o Build accurate progress paths; o Product performance simulation in all available benchmarks. A Unique Data Collection and Modelling Method This new data collection method was invented by a team of data engineers and sustainability specialists. With this expertise, FoodPilot plays a major role in the automatic data gathering from multiple sources, complemented by a great deal of know-how in managing heterogenous data. FoodPilot’s proprietary model provides companies with reliable results on environmental impact, carbon, biodiversity, water, land, animal wellbeing, etc. that can be used against third parties.