Tudor Roderick

Agriculteur, Beef and Sheep farmer - South Wales


Hello my name is Tudor Roderick. I farm with my parents in the Brecon Beacons in South Wales. We farm Beef, sheep and grow spring barley, spring oats, fodder beet and swedes which are used to feed the livestock. Since graduating from Aberystwyth university in 2021 I have focused on grassland management through rotational grazing to grow and utilize more grass. The plan with this system is to not only grow more grass to produce efficient and high-quality livestock but also to encourage rooting depth of plants to increase water infiltration, holding capacity and soil organic carbon. I have also been making changes to the genetics in the sheep flock to run smaller more efficient ewes that are able to perform on a forage-based system. In 2021 we were invited to become the first Agri Epi satellite farm in Wales. The idea behind Agri Epi satellite farms is to link technology companies with farmers to raise awareness and understand of how the latest technology can be used to production efficiency.